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Adam Mitchell's

"Write Like a Pro"


"Taking Adam Mitchell's course is one of the best investments I've made in myself as a career musician. 


Michael MacLeod, Massachusetts

“Adam has given me invaluable insight in how to give my old songs more impact and a better direction for my new material."


Cornelis Blokland, London, England

"Adam has a unique ability to convey the intricacies of songwriting in a clear and compelling manner which has been extremely valuable in my own songwriting journey"


Sean Ceigersmidt, Philomont, Virginia

"Adam really understood how to make my songs better. His course is incredibly well priced for the knowledge and experience he imparts."


Shaun Thompson, Oak Flats, Australia

"Adam’s guidance is both on point and personal. His feedback has really helped me take my songs to the next level and so my songs have improved tremendously."


Eddy Jones, Fountain Valley, California


Adam's courses really helped me understand the craft of songwriting. His insights really helped me focus on both the creative and business sides of my talents."


Thomas Gonzalez, Windsor, California



Do you want to improve your songwriting? You do, right?

Well, I figured out a long time ago that all good songs, rock, pop, or country, all have five fundamental elements. These are my Five Building Blocks and I've used them in every song I've had recorded by KISS, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Chicago, Merle Haggard, Art Garfunkel and the many other artists who've cut my material. 


I've now made these 5 Building Blocks the foundation of my  "Write Like a Pro" series of audio lessons and I promise they can help boost your songwriting to a higher level too. See what my students have to say about that and I bet I can help you too.  Click on the "More" button to see how!

""Adam Mitchell is amazing. He is encouraging, patient and really cares about his students. My song writing has really improved due to his lessons and advice. I would recommend him to anyone who really wants to learn the craft of song writing."


Lavina Middleton, Lawrence, Kansas

"Adam's teaching combines expertise and real experience to provide straight-shooting advice and decisive action for great song writing, alongside lots of perceptive encouragement."


Al Hayward, Riyadh, SA


"Adam is a great friend to the Texas Music Project. His mentorship is a big part of our program to keep music education alive and well in our schools. We are fortunate for have such a legendary songwriting talent on our team."


Michael Clay, Texas Music Project


"Adam Mitchell's vast knowledge of the craft of songwriting was an enormous help in furthering my own understanding of my work.


Preston Edmunds, Kennebunk, Maine

"I learned more about songwriting from Adam in the first four hours than I did in two years of a college level music course."


Dylan Spence, Toronto, Canada

"I think all producers and engineers should take Adam’s course. I can't touch another song now without applying his methods because, point blank, they work!'


Tom MacDonald, Montreal, Canada


""Adam has an exceptional knowledge of all aspects of the music business. He gives excellent feedback and I always know that I can trust what he is saying"


Adrian Hayward, Westbourne, England

"Adam Mitchell is not only a brilliant songwriter but a truly gifted instructor as well.  A few words of wisdom from Adam can save you years in the learning process. " 


Donnie Blankenship, Cohutta, Georgia

"Working with Adam has been a great treat. I would give anyone interested in taking his courses my highest recommendation."


Jasmine Pena, Boulder, Colorado

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